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 Namid - Confidential File

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PostSubject: Namid - Confidential File   Sat May 16, 2009 5:24 am

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PostSubject: Re: Namid - Confidential File   Sat Jun 06, 2009 3:22 pm

Namid is a changing hybrid whose main manifestation is Lupus form. No last name, nor a true date of birth is available, but due to the positioning of the wisdom teeth it is estimated he is seventeen years of age. Furthermore, he has no registration within the government due to his lupine birth. He seems to be in perfect health and has passed his physical examination; all five of his senses are highly acute. IQ test was inconclusive as he is illiterate, the test will be retaken when he has been taught the basics of reading and writing. Field tests show that he is efficient but has no formal training and has problems following through with orders, but potential proves vast, more training is in order and further testing required.

Additional Note: Being as his base form is that of a wolf he cannot enter certain areas before they are purified. He has the ritual to do so.
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Namid - Confidential File
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