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 Friedrich Karl

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PostSubject: Friedrich Karl   Sun Jun 07, 2009 5:14 pm

Name:Friedrich Karl

Race: Vampire

Clan: Clan: Tzimisce

His appearance varies over time. During the early 1800's before he was embraced His original form is one of averageness, roughly average height(5' 8'), with blond hair, hazel blue eyes and a haunted expression. By the middle of the 21st century,Over the time he has modified himself to stand just over six feet in height, with long Coppery gold hair, penetrating eyes that are emerald green with turquoise highlights. he has long, dexterous hands and usually sports wicked-looking long fingernails. His preferred dress learns towards suits and formal attire. Something about Friedrich turns heads wherever he goes, in mortal or Cainite company, but his demeanor is usually detached and emotionless; his aura often seems curiously flat, and his facial expressions show little of his feelings... if he has any left at all.

Intel: Friedrich Karl is one of the better known Tzimisce anarch leaders in the Southern Europe, and often feared his eerie, inhuman aura complements with the cold, emotionless being that he has become. He is, in fact, a bit of a cult figure among his followers, who obey even his strangest orders without question for fear of repercussions. Freidrich continues to follow his visions and the counsel of his angels, but the much of the substance of those visions he keeps to himself alone. A few years ago, his dreams led him to join forces with a non Kindred organization.

He Believes that children hold an innocence in them akin to angels from the heavens. Children are the best soldiers and sacrifices to his cause and those that he deems as gifted or blessed he embraces but most are submitted to perverse experimentation all in the name of science and being able to capture and bottle 'purity'. Friedrich believes he is doing his part in spiritually cleansing and preparing the world and especially the children he takes interest in. His desire is to shape and mold his children into angelic soldiers to fight in the up coming war that he has envisioned could wipe out the kindred race as well as man kind.

The first run in with Friedrich happened just over a decade ago when they discovered overseeing a child pornography/prostitution ring. We have little information on him since most Kindred seem reluctant to talk about him instead saying that the man is a fiend in more than just name.

He decided to tour North America to see how western culture had progressed in the early 60's and to current date no one is sure where he is hiding though it was believed he was recently hiding after his operation was shut down in Canada a decade ago that he is laying low somewhere in the United states or Mexico.

It is unclear how many vampires he has sired but CSSA DEPT 7 is in custody of one of his Children who we have successfully rehabilitated agent 134420.

And with the recent attack on our Hamilton headquarters and the admission of agent 134420's positive I'd on the security camera's we have not choice but to recognize that he has returned to Canada.

OCC: Sean feel free to add or detract any other info here on this guy...
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Friedrich Karl
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