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 Happy Father's Day

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PostSubject: Happy Father's Day   Sun Jun 21, 2009 11:52 am

Well look at that? It's father's day once again (And I didn't forget this year). So I figured I'd post this, because we all have dad's but I really wanted to dedicated to one very special one. Mine. :p

To a guy who has put up with forgetting father's day since...Well since they stopped putting construction paper in front of me and said "We're making father's day presents." in school.

To a guy who has come out to pick me up more times than he cares to remember. (I'll get my driver's test soon!)

To a guy whose always been a role model and taught me to follow my own way, whose let me make my own mistakes and learn from them, no matter how hard it was to stand back and watch me fall flat on my face.

To a guy who puts up with endless ribbing from the two women in his house, even if it's hard to believe that this one, is now a woman (BLEH!)

To my daddy.

No matter what happens you'll always be the guy I built and model rockets with, and fired them. (That was actually genious on your part) I'll always be the little girl claiming I'm "Too delicate" to be seen with you, but actually you're pretty cool and I wouldn't want to be seen with any other dad but you.

Thank you for teaching me not to put a bag over my head, it was not a nifty fashion statement.
Thank you for teaching me not to play with the dials on the oven (The microwave is way easier Razz)
Thank you for teaching me any endless number of things, because they were all really worth while and probably saved my neck in the long run. And made the mistakes you had to watch me make slightly more minimal.

I know I'm trying at times but,

I'll never mind you calling me a "good kid" because I'll always be your little girl. Or at least I certainly hope so.

I love you dad, I love you

sunny Like a Star @ heaven I love you Happy Father's Day I love you Like a Star @ heaven sunny
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Nicky Dingo


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PostSubject: Re: Happy Father's Day   Sun Jun 21, 2009 1:40 pm

You made me cry.

Then again you seem to have this knack of making me cry. I am Sam .... The Paperclip Project.... Up.... Yeah. I sometimes think you enjoy it.

Well, I have to admit I like the ways you make me cry. I have never cried out of shame or anger with you. It's always been pride and love. Yeah, I grumble about picking you up at a friend's place at 1:00 am but I've never had to pick you up from the hospital or a police station and it's never been because you were too drunk or stoned to find your way home.

You've always made me proud and you always will. You will always be my little girl but I'm starting to see little glimpses of the woman you going to become and I know I will be just as proud of her as I am of you.

Love now and forever,

Your very proud father.
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Happy Father's Day
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