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 Faust - Confidential File

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PostSubject: Faust - Confidential File   Wed Jul 08, 2009 10:28 pm

Heinrich Vladimir Johannes Faust is a German-Canadian, possessing dual citizenship. His specific claim is that his ability (as yet unidentified - see medical file dated Jan 14-09) is based on some form of mystical control of universal energies. Although reticent about specifics (citing a family tradition of secrecy) and unwilling to display more than simple manipulations (which may have been merely an abnormal ability to predict coincidence) he claims to have significant power by virtue of his birth. He is the seventh child of seven, all male, as is his father. (See genealogical record F-341-066/B).

Psychological examination (see medical file dated Apr 3-09) indicates above average intelligence, a highly mobile intellect and a strong will. He demonstrates an interest in and knowledge of the occult and problem solving techniques and has a strong disinclination to leaving projects incomplete. He also demonstrates a lack of respect for authority but it is likely that this is feigned, since he displays instant obedience to his father and older brothers. There is no indication of parental or sibling abuse beyond the normal familial ribbing. He is fluent is English (2 dialects) French (3 dialects) and German (3 dialects). His stated interest in joining Department Seven is based on common goals. He has indicated that his family has a Tradition (capitalized due to the emphasis he put on the word) of 'fighting evil'. It is of interest that the family (not the individual) claim an unbroken line of descent from Dr Johannes Faustus and insist their ability stems from a bargain Faustus made with supernatural forces.

Of special interest is his relationship with his pet, a black female Pomeranian. Although his stated opinion is that it is 'the dog from Hell', he is obviously quite protective of the animal and displays a distinct fondness for it. His reticence to admit this fondness is seated in his opinion that the animal is not a suitably 'masculine' pet. This hints at latent homophobia or fear of confusion towards sexual orientation but there is no other evidence of this.

It is the recommendation of this board that Heinrich Vladimir Johannes Faust be granted the position of special agent, with all the privileges and responsibilities thereof, for a probationary period not to exceed ninety days. His performance will be evaluated at that time and the results of that evaluation will determine his suitability to continue in that position.

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Faust - Confidential File
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