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 Watch this space

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Nicky Dingo


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PostSubject: Watch this space   Sat Jul 11, 2009 12:27 pm

Coming soon, a new webisode!
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PostSubject: A strange scent wafts through   Sat Jul 11, 2009 3:45 pm

Ull July 11 2009 1145 AM

Ull stirred in this bed. It was second time getting up this morning. The first was around 4 this morning saying good bye to the lady who shared his bed. Something about getting home before her husband got back from Tulsa. She left with a smile, Ull smiled remembering the night together.

Ull grabbed the newspaper that the staff at the Admiral Inn dropped outside his door everyday. July 11 - the craft festival was over by almost a week and he was still here. The fair had been good but something about the air has kept him here. And so he read the paper to see if anything would trigger an investigation. Strange another traffic fatality. Just yesterday even this citys newspaper had an article that of the odd increase in such deaths. Hell once the mundanes are noticing it is big. Well that gives a plan for the day.

Ull had a quick shower and grabbing his fishing rod and tackle box he headed out to the bay. From there he can sniff out the 403 fatalities - later he can hit the Stoney Creek side - the day after the mountain. And if it doesnèt pan out he can at least get some fishing done.

As Ull left the humidity was increasing following a massive storm early on. He made his way to pecker point by the graveyard in Burlington. see who is out and what he can find out.
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PostSubject: objects coming alive skylars report   Sat Jul 11, 2009 11:15 pm

We are all out of quarintation. we all met in the boardroom. owen did a great job cleaning it and painting. Marion is not here(wondering why) In comes a man of egyptian desent, with 2 stone warriors and slaves. He name is Andrew, he is taking over marions job as captain. we are told if we see or speak to marion to report it. Mutt has issues with Andrew.

a new alternate to cricket was here (charlie)

objects of all kind were coming alive. i got to fight a big lawn mower
silver is back with a new suit that lee gave her. she had news: Maxi gave her a warning to give us "be careful who you trust" they will contact silver if they need her again.

cant wait to see what comes next

bite you later
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PostSubject: Re: Watch this space   

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Watch this space
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