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 Routine feild report from agent 134420

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PostSubject: Routine feild report from agent 134420   Sat Aug 08, 2009 10:16 am

I am submitting my report electronically.

This report will sadly be under detailed.

We reported to the boardroom where we met the new head of operation. But after getting past the pleasantries of meeting Andrew we were briefed about an incoming call.

It seems that in the downtown area near wellington, there were inanimate objects coming to life.

Out team went down to investigate it. Out first location was the church located on Victoria and king.

Inside we found several oddities attacking the church goers inside. Including one statue of st. michael and several stained glass golems.

The fight ensured and it took longer than was expected to subdue them.

I did my best to usher the innocents inside out. However upon leaving the church we were attacked by a bus that had taken on a crude humanoid shape.

Again I had to fight. Im sure the others will be submitting you more detail about the combats in their reports but this assignment I honestly didn't see much action sir.

Darkheart and I did what we could to try and kill it. But I was kicked through the front door of the church all the way to the far wall where I admit I lay there stunned and feeling quite broken for several minutes.

By the time I regained my footing the bus had reverted back to being a normal bus. However the team was on the move and the call out was that energy waves were radiating from the center of a near by building.

The goal was to try to fight past or avoid the inanimate objects and get to the location which I believe was 23 or 24 Tisdale. Anyhow I know it was the apartment build that is pretty much beside the grocery store.

However my trek wasn't that easy. My backpack and gun and handcuffs come to life and attacked me. That left me rather tied up so to speak and while I was handling that the rest of the team was dealing with business inside the building I assume.

I got to the location still fighting with my gear, in time to see the building rise up from the foundation like some sort of giant Japanese robot. But it soon fell back down to its knees.

I don;t know how you intend to cover this latest attack on the citizens up. There were too many of them. I did return back to the truck where Mike was to tend to the wounded and persuade some people that things were not as they saw.

However this sums up my report sir.

Again my apologies for the lack of detail


Signing off.
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Routine feild report from agent 134420
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