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 Rock & Roll @ Da Nile

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PostSubject: Rock & Roll @ Da Nile   Sun Aug 09, 2009 1:51 am

July 15th 2008

I have no clue who I am submitting this report to. However with that in mind I do apologize for mailing it to the head of Toronto headquarters so you can forward it to whomever will be replacing Andrew Dozer aka Imotep, since he’s now dead. (More on that later…)

Technically there was no case file but I feel the need to submit this anyhow. Over the past few days, several odd things have been afoot here at our headquarters. With the media black out from last weeks transforming inanimate object fiasco we’ve pretty much been under house arrest and haven’t gone anywhere. Our new boss has politely requested that we sit tight and protect headquarters. However the best laid plans are seldom left intact after initial contact…

Before I go into more detail on what took place in that event I want to let you know I am very concerned about Agent Darkheart and her suit that was gifted to her by the enemy.
Refer to Case file #1290 for more info.

Enclosed at the end of this report are my notes on this suit and the results of the basic tests I have run. I would like a professional opinion as to whether or not you think that this suit is a potential threat or issue.

Also I honestly am concerned about the screening process of how you elect a Head of Operations for each Department. The breach of security and ability to let someone like our most recent Head in, has me more than concerned. I beg of you to screen the next one in the utmost and through of ways.

It will likely be quite difficult to have a new Head come down here and for everyone to be totally welcoming. Our trust has been betrayed and finding a traitor in our midst has done wonders for our moral.

Also perhaps making it possible for more than just the Department head to access the Vault might be prudent since if they are injured or killed our detainees are quite trapped in there and we are at the Mother offices mercy to come down and have someone with a key. I would also like to point out that leaving it with someone besides Mike might be a good idea….

But I digress in the telling of what happened to best prepare your new Head for when he comes down…

We have our ways of obtaining info on the bizarre and odd happenings here in the city and it came to our attention that a young girl was kidnapped. Strangely enough this report included the fact the our Department Head’s Stone statues had abducted a possible nova girl.

However we kept in mind that the base should be protected at all times so Agent Owen, Gooey, Chyu, Janie, Jamal, and myself stayed behind to guard the headquarters while the other agents on hand went out to investigate.

During our vigil over Department seven however we were invaded by the Department Heads Stone statue minions, that seemed hell bent on trying to kill us.

I’m not sure why but they only answered to the boss and we had no choice but to defend ourselves and take them out.

It seems our team mates from what I’ve been able to gather were attacked by our recent Department Head as well and Agent Mutt had to put him down.

The most regrettable thing is during this evening its come to my attention that while all this was going on the head of the Beast Council was assassinated. Perhaps he was working in league and tried to create a distraction and keep us in lock down to avoid us from foreseeing the true goal of things?

This tragic event is likely going to be putting a bit of a strain on the local shifters and their feelings for the government… I highly recommend being able to send down a rather charismatic and hard working individual that doesn’t mind getting their hands dirty or have issues with working out on the field rather than behind a desk.

Agent 134420
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Rock & Roll @ Da Nile
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