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 Silver - Diary

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PostSubject: Silver - Diary   Sun Oct 18, 2009 12:06 am

dear diary,

i found out that someone thinks that they own me and he is obviously mistaken because NO one owns Silver Darkheart ever...

This prince he is a real dick and his right hand man is so arrogant he makes you want to hurt him so badly and its not fun talking to anyone of them and i dont want to talk to them if they are going to be so arrogant.

Then i got a head message from FU MAN CHEW and i find his callings to be very useful and i know my team doesnt like hi but they will have to deal with it because i trust him and i know Stalker really HATES him but that doesnt mean when FU MAN CHEW has some important intell bout anything Stalker cant give him a chance and thats going to be ahrd for Stalker to do....
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Silver - Diary
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