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PostSubject: BACKGROUNDS   Tue Nov 04, 2008 2:45 pm

They could be friends or family or even an organization.

1 One ally of moderate power and influence.
2 Two allies both of moderate power and influence.
3 Three allies, one of them quite influential.
4 Four allies, one of them very influential.
5 Five allies, one of them extremely influential.

People who can give you information. They may need to be bribed or charmed.

1 One major contact
2 Two major contacts
3 Three major contacts
4 Four major contacts
5 Five major contacts

The degree to which you are known to the public

1 You are known by a select subculture in the city
2 You are a local celebrity
3 You are fairly famous; your name and face are known
4 You are renown; everybody knows something about you
5 You are nationally famous

A measure of your vampiric power

1 12th Generation
2 11th Generation
3 10th Generation
4 9th Generation
5 8th Generation

A group of mortals on which you can feed without fear

1 3 vessels
2 7 vessels
3 15 vessels
4 30 vessels
5 60 vessels

Influence reflects your ability to sway political and social processes of the mortal world

1 Moderately influential; a factor in local politics
2 Well connected; a factor is city politics
3 Position of influence; a factor in provincial politics
4 Not Available
5 Not Available

An elder, possibly your sire, who looks after you

1 An ancilla of little influence
2 A well respected elder
3 A member of the primogen
4 A prince, with much power over the city
5 A Justicar, extraordinarily powerful

A measure of your financial wealth

1 Small savings $500/month + $1000 if you liquidate your assets
2 Middle class $1200/month + $8000 if you liquidate your assets
3 Large savings $3000/month + $50000 if you liquidate your assets
4 Well off $9000/month + $500000 if you liquidate your assets
5 Rich $30000/month + $1000000 if you liquidate your assets

One or more servants and assistants who are your loyal and steadfast companions

1 One retainer
2 Two retainer
3 Three retainer
4 Four retainer
5 Five retainer

A measure of your standing and reputation in the Kindred community

1 Known: A neonate
2 Respected: An ancilla
3 High status: An elder
4 Not Available
5 Not Available
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