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 AUSPEX - Discipline

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PostSubject: AUSPEX - Discipline   Wed Nov 05, 2008 3:16 pm


1 - Heightened Senses
Secret Roll: Auspex, difficulty ???
The vampire can sharpen any or all of her senses, at will, for as long as she wants. However, traumas caused by sensory overload (IE very bright lights, loud noises, etc) while in this state last much longer. How this comes into play is decided by the Storyteller, who may describe details more fully. The vampire will also sense things that she would otherwise not sense, that might be important. How this danger sense is used is up to Storyteller whim.

2 - Aura Perception
Roll: Per. + Empathy, difficulty 8
The vampire may read the aura of another. If the vampire attempts a second reading on anyone, treat any failure as a botch (a wildly inaccurate reading). Conditions contributing to aura colors, and their corresponding effects, are in the chart below.
1 suc. The vampire can tell if the aura is pale or bright, IE vampire or otherwise.
2 suc. The predominant color can be distinguished.
3 suc. Patterns can be recognized.
4 suc. Shifts in color or pattern can be detected.
5 suc. All aspects of the aura can be read.

Afraid - Orange
Aggressive - Purple
Angry - Red
Bitter - Brown
Calm - Light Blue
Compassionate - Pink
Conservative - Lavender
Depressed - Gray
Desirous or Lustful - Deep Red
Distrustful - Light Green
Enraged - Crimson
Envious - Violet
Excited - Rose
Generous - Vermilion
Happy - Black
Idealistic - Yellow
Innocent - White
Love - Blue
Obsessed - Green
Sad - Silver
Spiritual - Gold
Suspicious - Dark Blue

A Vampire - appropriate color is pale
Confused - mottle, shifting color
Daydreaming - sharp, flickering colors
Diabolist - black veins
Frenzied - rapidly rippling colors
Psychotic - hypnotic, swirling color
Magic Use - myriad sparkles

3 - The Spiritís Touch
Roll: Per. + Empathy, difficulty ???
The vampire may touch an object, and get psychic impressions of the last one who touched it.

4 - Telepathy
Roll: Int. + Subterfuge, difficulty Willpower
The vampire may read a targetís mind. If the target is a vampire, a willpower point must also be spent. The thoughts perceived are in a stream-of-consciousness form, which reflects that reading minds is usually easier than understanding what is being read.

5 - Psychic Projection
Roll: Per. + Occult, difficulty ???
The vampire may leave her body, and travel in astral form. In this state, she may travel up to 500 miles per hour, connected to her physical body by a silver cord. The integrity of this cord is reflected by the number of willpower points she has; if she goes down to zero willpower points, this cord breaks, stranding her in the astral plane.
In this state, the vampire may use mental disciplines, but may not interact with physical reality, except that she may manifest as a ghostly form for one turn by spending a willpower point. Otherwise, she is nearly imperceptible in physical reality (except to those with Auspex, Mind 2, etc.). Due to the lack of a physical body, Wits replaces Dexterity, Manipulation replaces Strength, and Intelligence replaces Stamina. All damage causes loss of willpower points, rather than Health levels.
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AUSPEX - Discipline
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