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 Obfuscate - Discipline

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PostSubject: Obfuscate - Discipline   Fri Nov 07, 2008 3:09 pm

1 - Cloak of Shadows
The vampire may be unnoticed by most, by hiding completely motionless in a shadow, or in a place that puts an object (not necessarily an object big enough to hide behind) between herself and others who might see her. No roll is required.

2 - Unseen Presence
Roll: Wits + Stealth, difficulty 6
The vampire may go unseen, and even be subconsciously avoided, by others. No roll is required unless someone is looking for the vampire, or the vampire is moving in an abrupt manner, as during speech or combat.

3 - Mask of the Thousand Faces
Roll: Man. + Acting, difficulty 7
The vampire may assume another appearance. This is only in the minds of others, and often others will see different forms. This power may not usually be used for impersonation.
1 suc. A little different. She could still be picked from a police lineup.
2 suc. A bit more different. Descriptions vary.
3 suc. The desired appearance is successfully broadcast.
4 suc. Appearance, movements, and mannerisms are all radically different.
5 suc. Even race or gender can be altered.

4 - Vanish From the Mindís Eye
Roll: Cha. + Stealth, difficulty Wits + Alertness
Demand: successes = 3 or more
The vampire can disappear from view. If more successes are gained than a targetís Willpower, that target forgets that the vampire was even there, if the vampire leaves promptly.

5 - Cloak the Gathering
The vampire can hide one extra target, for each point she has in Stealth, by the use of any Obfuscate power she knows. The roll is made once, and its efficacy is applied to the entire group.
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Obfuscate - Discipline
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