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 Thaumaturgic Rituals - Level 1

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PostSubject: Thaumaturgic Rituals - Level 1   Fri Nov 07, 2008 6:57 pm

Level 1 Rituals
1 - Blood of Peace
This ritual involves two points of Assamite blood (one to be enchanted, one to be used to enchant the other). This ritual turns Assamite blood into a strong tranquilizer, that may be swallowed, or applied to the skin. A Willpower roll may be made to resist the effects, difficulty the Intelligence + Science of the caster.

1 - Blood Rush
The vampire may make herself feel as though she has fed, even is she hasn’t. This may be used for pleasure, or to curb thirst-related frenzy. Lasts one hour.

1 - Communicate with Kindred Sire
This ritual involves possessing an object belonging to the Sire, and takes five minutes. The vampire may speak with her sire, telepathically (this does not facilitate mind reading). Variations of this ritual exist to allow telepathic communication between one’s thralls, progeny, or those who have tasted the caster’s blood.

1 - Defense of the Sacred Haven
This ritual takes an hour to perform, and uses up one blood point. The vampire may put a drop of her blood on each window in an area, up to twenty feet away from the ritual site. All sunlight that would go in through these windows is instead reflected by them. This ritual lasts as long as the vampire is in the area.

1 - Deflection of Wooden Doom
This ritual involves standing in a circle of wood, and putting a splinter in one’s mouth. One wooden melee weapon that is about to penetrate the vampire’s heart will instead disintegrate. A weapon that is only held threateningly, without the intent to stab the vampire, will not be affected. Lasts until sunset, or until it affects a weapon.

1 - Devil’s Touch
This ritual must be cast in the presence of its victim, and involves putting a coin on her person. The vampire can make all other mortals react to a mortal victim with hostility. Lasts one night.

1 - Domino of Life
The vampire may simulate one human trait. Any trait, from the warmth of human flesh, to tears, can be assumed. Lasts one night.

1 - Engaging the Vessel of Transference
This ritual involves putting blood in a container, sealing it, and engraving a rune on it, and takes three hours. This container will take some blood from, and empty its current load into, anyone who touches it, who will only feel a shiver. If the rune is not covered, a roll of Intelligence + Occult, difficulty 8, will reveal it to read "change blood". This container will act as described, again and again, until broken open.

1 - Illuminate Trail of the Prey
The vampire may make the trail of a specific victim glow in such a way that only she can see it. All paths, from an airplane’s vapor trails to footprints, will be shown. A starting point is required, as is an initial sighting of the victim, and the spell is nullified if the vampire wades in or is immersed in water.

1 - Incantation of the Shepherd
This ritual involves holding glass over each of one’s eyes, and turning slowly, for fifteen minutes. The vampire may locate each vessel of her herd, starting with the closest and working outward. She must have tasted a vessel at least once for this to work.

1 - Preserve Blood
This ritual involves burying an earthenware container for three nights. Blood may be preserved in such a container by putting in a little burdock, reciting a few incantations, and sealing it with wax. This blood will be preserved until the container is broken or opened. This container can not be used twice with the same blood.

1 - Preserve Corpse
The vampire may create, from a mixture of decaying organic matter and herbs, a liquid that, once poured on a corpse, will preserve it. This ritual produces enough of this material to cover a large corpse. The liquid will last indefinitely once applied, but will lose its potency within a week if not used before then.

1 - Purity of Flesh
This ritual involves concentrating for ten minutes in a lotus position, surrounded by thirteen sharp stones, and then spending a blood point. This ritual will remove all foreign matter from the vampire, good or bad. (This includes fake limbs, breast implants, surgical appliances, poisons, drugs, wooden splinters, etc.) This also affects matter touching her, and those performing this ritual would be advised to do it in the nude.

1 - Rebirth of Mortal Vanity
This ritual requires strands of hair from mortal children, and involves gesturing in front of a mirror for an hour. This ritual causes the vampire’s hair to grow one inch for each child from whom hair was taken and used. This hair will remain until cut. If the vampire wishes to perform this ritual for another, she must also be in front of the mirror.

1 - Rite of Introduction
This ritual involves reciting a half-hour incantation, and then speaking into water vapor. The vampire may contact the Regent of the nearest Tremere Chantry first, and then others, descending the hierarchy. By tradition, only the Regent is bound to answer, and a brief dialogue with each person is possible. Used often to announce one’s presence, or to call for help.

1 - Wake with Evening’s Freshness
This ritual takes a half-hour to perform, and involves burning feathers, and spreading the ashes over the sleeping area. The vampire who performs this ritual may awaken at the slightest sign of danger, and the rules involving Humanity, regarding the ability to awaken and remain awake, are waived for the first few turns. Lasts until sunset.

1 - Will o’ the Wisp
The vampire may turn a small branch from a willow tree into a floating ball of light that is under her mental command, that will continue to glow if within sight of the vampire.
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Thaumaturgic Rituals - Level 1
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