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 Mike - Confidential File

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PostSubject: Mike - Confidential File   Tue Apr 28, 2009 1:15 pm


Mike is Arch-Bishop of the Church of the Universe. He does not seem to exhibit the same statistical anomalies as most Novas, its thought his abilities stem from his absolute faith in God and the Tree of Life (Cannabis) rather than an eruption, his healing abilities, both in person and remotely through the use of his sacrament, are well documented. However the true extent of his abilities have yet to be fully mapped.

In addition his pacifistic nature in conjunction with his willingness to do things his own way, dictates that he should be assigned to a branch office outside the traditional power areas (both provincial and national) while still being kept close for monitoring purposes, perhaps the Hamilton branch office considering its new designation as the backup for national HQ would be appropriate.
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Mike - Confidential File
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