CCSA Department 7
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 Mutt's Field Report

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PostSubject: Mutt's Field Report   Fri May 01, 2009 2:03 am

CCSA Department 7
Black Ops Department
(Special Weapons – Organic)

The Mutt
Secret Agent Man
I’d tell ya more but I would have to kill ya

Field Report --- Gala One
Man, Awesome party! Great group to mix with. So wow! Never thought I’d see the day when I’d be hanging with blood suckers, butt sniffers and prey posers. What an exciting time to live in.
Truly massive – the call came in “supers” (who dreamed up that techie term – NERD) robbing a bank and holding innocents – no can’t say that - lets be nice (they were scared) non-combatants. Though barely though the second round of cocktails and a trip to Crikett’s candy sac, we gelled quickly. We divided into three strike forces – lucky mine could party. So in tune with each other (the head gear might have aided) we entered from three locations. Bang, Got the glow on, Hey sexy thing, YOU TALKING TOO ME (fuzzy after that), Within minutes the hostages were safe and the “supers” were incapacitated (most irreversibly).
A frigging Lurker popped up. Freaking peevert grabbed hostages. Wow – fast loop around time there boss – but of a buzz buster – but with the heads spinning – STUFF happens. Managed to save one, lost one --- Can be bummed about it but on the up side I bet the Mom agreed with the choice we made. Hard lesson for the group though – maybe bring in a Party Expert – help us loose up and talk through the bad – find the SUN again.
The success in this evening’s Fete was that the people jived with each other. No naked table dancing by anyone – just all doing what comes natural if get me. And even with us being from different Frats we – AWESOMELY – WE WORKED IT!
Sign me up for your next soiree. Maybe more of the grape; less of the red – hard to dance on slippery floors.
The Mutt

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Mutt's Field Report
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