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 Crocodile Found in Hamilton Sewers

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PostSubject: Crocodile Found in Hamilton Sewers   Fri May 01, 2009 2:12 pm

Here's the full article:

A Hamilton man, Casey Jones, got a surprise Thursday afternoon when he and a friend encountered a full grown crocodile in a Hamilton sewer system near Eramosa Karst Conservation Area. The two were hiking when they made the discovery.

"We found a big hole (tunnel) that was covered by brush, and we just went in," said Jones. "We were in maybe a half a kilometer in and we were just talking about turning around and heading back out because our flashlight was getting kind of dim. Then we heard a scraping sound, and when we turned around, there was this big (expletive) thing. It was like straight out of a science fiction movie. We just ran like hell."

Animal control officials responded with Hamilton Police for backup.

"It took almost no time at all to locate the lizard," said a Hamilton Police Services spokesperson. "And the animal was 'dispatched' without delay."

In actuality, the animal was shot seven times with a Remington .338 magnum rifle before it was pronounced dead at the scene. That's when the grizzly discovery was made.

"Yes," responded Constable Jeff Goldwin, "We did find the remains of a partially digested Caucasian male, in his late twenties or early thirties. I can't comment beyond that at this time."

Off the record, authorities indicated the remains may be that of a homeless man who was reported missing by a companion only a few hours before. "It all fits," said an official who asked not to be identified. "The victim was still recognizable; he hadn't been in there long."

A search will be conducted to see if there are any more giant crocs in Hamilton's sewers. Authorities say they can't even begin to speculate as to where this one could have come from. The grating that normally blocks the entrance was repaired.
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Crocodile Found in Hamilton Sewers
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