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 Adriana Antonidis - Flamborough Black Fury

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Nicky Dingo


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PostSubject: Adriana Antonidis - Flamborough Black Fury   Mon May 04, 2009 5:27 pm

Human Form

Wolf Form

Adriana (Dri) Antonidis is somewhere in the middle ranks of the Flamborough pack of Black Fury Garou. Notable for being 'pro male' for one of her tribe. How she came to meet Nicky Dingo is unknown but the two communicate frequently, keeping each other up to date on events occurring in the other's sphere of influence. How far either would go to help the other is, as yet, untested.

Adriana teaches high school History and Art and is well respected by her co-workers. She holds a black belt in aikido and teaches women's self defense classes in Waterdown.
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Adriana Antonidis - Flamborough Black Fury
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