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 Jin Nayaki - Ear of the Inked

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PostSubject: Jin Nayaki - Ear of the Inked   Mon May 04, 2009 11:12 pm

Jin is Kyoko's boss and friend when she's not off fighting crime all supernatural like. She's broken bread with him, lived under the same roof as him, and he's the owner of Inkonceivable Studios. They met when his plane was in layover in Dublin on his way to find a Horimon specialist.

The funny thing about tattoo parlours is they're kind of like the hair salons of the under world. People chit chat and gossip when they get ink done. Stuff slips that you, the silent artist aren't supposed to hear. Jin's very good at playing deaf and twice as good at playing dumb, but if the information is vital to a dear friend, he's willing to let it slip, just not enough to put his neck on the line. These are hard times, and he has a buisness to run.
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Jin Nayaki - Ear of the Inked
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