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 Paranoia Hamilton

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PostSubject: Paranoia Hamilton   Sat Aug 08, 2009 10:56 pm

well it was a weird night that is to say the least. there are some people that have issues with Andrew. the question is who do we trust?
babadora got to examine dark hearts suit, a lot of screaming and moaning.

the debate of some of us wanted a leadership and some not then some are still not sure which way to go. what to do?
then Nicky left the base called back about a girl being kidnapped. half went to check it out found the girl dead.
who did it that is the question
back at the base i hear heavy footsteps. stone soldiers are back WTF. what do i do? fighting shooting lets play
WTF Andrew attacked mutt. Andrew is dead mutt killed him with a pierce to the heart. Mutt headed to the beast council the head has been murdered. what is going on?????????
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Paranoia Hamilton
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